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Question about a possible DS

Hi there,
I've made the decision to get out of the whole lolita style, so I'm looking to sell some pieces of the little wardrobe I've collected. So I was wondering if there might be any interest in ;
A Baby Red Riding (or was it Ridding?anyway..) Hood OP in pink. (300USD)
A Alice & the Pirates skirt in pink (130USD)
Alice & the Pirates cutsaw in pink (55USD)
And yet another
Alice & the Pirates cutsaw in pink (70USD)
All of the items are in good condition, and non of them worn more then twice.

I realize that without pictures of the actual garment or prices (though they won't really hit the prices the site sells them for, but I'm not going to let them away for super cheap)(<-added) no-one can make a decision like that. I just want to know if there might be an interest before I take my valuable time and start taking pictures and the like... 
So if there is, please just drop a note below,
 thank you ^___^


There! Picture update (after the candyshot, befor the promdress pictures). Sorry it took longer than expected.

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