The Abominable Chax (miyu_sakura) wrote in egl,
The Abominable Chax

Want to trade: Black Meta Velveteen Luckypack Skirt

I'd like to trade or partial trade with someone for my black velvet skirt from Metamorphose. It's the skirt from the Winter 2006 Lucky Pack, and it fits a wide range of sizes up to 40" waist.

Everyone has seen this skirt, but if you need a picture I can go dig one up.

I'd like to trade for the following:

1) Another brand skirt that will fit 28" - 30" waist

2) A well-made non-brand JSK. Or partial trade for a brand JSK. Needs to fit a 36" - 38" bust as well as 28" - 30" waist.

3) Brand accessories of any sort, particularly hair/head accessories. (I'm looking for things that will go with a deep-red dress, however))

So anyone up for a trade?

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