archfaith (archfaith) wrote in egl,

Lolitas Under Pressure!!

Dear lolitas,

Ever been put in a potentially embarrassing situation in front of a lot of people...while you're wearing lolita (and not in a gathering/convention setting)? It happened to me today, as a matter of fact! I'm vice president of my university's sci-fi club (we're geeks, we know!) and our club formed two teams and signed up to take part in a Superhero trivia gameshow. My team (an all-girl team, might I add!) was tied for a spot in the final round with one other team. The solution? A sudden death round, with only one person from each team answering the question! So my team sent me up in my white BABY JSK. I'm sure people were confused about my clothes, and probably even more confused I knew anything about comics ^.^ Anyways, I answered the question correctly, whoo-hoo! I jumped up and down, and I'm sure everyone saw my bloomers^^ The question was: "What is Bathound's real name?" Answer: "Ace". My team came in 3rd place though...those questions were hard...

Anyway, have you lolis ever been put in a stressful, "ah lots of people!" situation? Share your lolita under pressure stories here!
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