Iris Chen (quoththeraven) wrote in egl,
Iris Chen

DS: Alice Auaa Double Strap Bracelet

I'm selling this gorgeous Alice Auaa buckle bracelet because I am poor and must pay for other things-- So I'm asking for $120 shipped anywhere. Or give me your best offer! I'm sad to let it go, because it's so pretty. I've only worn it once or twice, so it has a lot of life left!

Website Measurements:

length : maximum 23cm - the smallest 19cm
width : approximately 7cm
material : leather

I measured and think that 19cm - 21cm is the highest I would go in terms of wearing the bracelet-- but it's a great thing to layer on top of arm warmers or something.

I take all kinds of PP-- whoever can pay the asking price first will get it-- Thanks!

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