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Possible Accessories DS

I help out at this warehouse store (sort of) that sells random things such as jewelry, vases, fake flowers, and Buddha related items.

When I was helping the owner putting the jewelry into little baggies, I noticed that plenty of this jewelry can be used to coordinate with lolita. I just want to know if anyone is interested in purchasing any. :)

This is all the accessories that was given to me by the owner because of prom. :)

These are two different kinds of fake eyelashes. There is another kind at the store, but it has glitter of some sort on it.
For people who are not gifted with lush eyelashes (me), this would really give you a sweet look and make your eyes *pop*.
The bad thing about this is that it doesn't include the eyelash glue. The owner threw that away because she said the glue isn't top grade and she did not want any of her customers to be harmed by it.
The eyelashes are sort, but I believe they are not real human hair either (which means they will not uncurl under humid weather).
The price the owner is selling it for is $1.99.

These are ADORABLE 3D stickers for your nails. I do not have short nails so getting fake nails would be senseless, but then I am not steady enough to put hardcore awesome designs on my own nails. She has much much more styles (such as bows) and for the more darker lolitas, I believe she has a burgendy-ish flower stickers with a rhinestone in the middle.
I'm not sure of the price of these because she gave me those stickers for free.

Pretty pearl earrings. These are not totally lolita, but the owner priced it as a bargain!
The price the owner is selling is for is $5.99.

Nice pearl bracelets (the green pearl one I have was downstairs :( ). I'm not too sure about the price of these, but I doubt it's way expensive like how much Claire's is.

This is the prize jewel that I found! Cute little pearl barrettes which I believe she has in baby pink, baby blue, white, and cream. (I need to go check to make sure.)
The length of these barrettes are approximately 2.5 inches (6.5 cm) and would also work great for hime-gyaru. :)
The price the owner is selling is for JUST $3.99!


My pjs are loli because they have rufflez! :) (Btw, first attempt at the hair)

Well that's all I have at my house, atm.
Just posting to see if anyone is interested. :)
If you are please AIM me at MisterDuckyDuck.
Thanks for looking!

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