Rin/子林 (sakkakufae) wrote in egl,

Shopping Service

Hey, I'm taking orders for this upcoming weekend!  Please email me at corinne.elysse@gmail.com with any questions or orders!
I also want to emphasize that I'm planning on doing this for quite a while, so if you want things and don't have the funds now, I'll be doing this service pretty permanently while I'm living here, so don't worry, you can always request something later!  Eventually I'll make a website for it :)
Here is the link with the details:

Since it is now only me handling the service, I'm not taking any orders for Kigurumis or checking Closet Child for anyone, at the moment.  Also, please be sure to email me at corinne.elysse@gmail.com, not the emails on the link. 

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