sukiyume (sukiyume) wrote in egl,

cordination help

My mom and I found a dress that we both like for me to wear to prom. I want to add the little hat from Candy Violet but I'm not sure how it would go. Shoes and socks I am also COMPLETELY lost with. So, any help?
Anyone with info on customs from JP to USA would be appreciated too. :D

Here is all the images displayed in one quickly made paint file. I am very small, only 4'11 so I can't really overdo myself because of my height. I am also 103 pounds so that adds to my tiny-ness. I think a crown would look nice because of the pearl on the dress reminds me of a princess look and I picked the mini-hat because I absolutely adore it. I am thinking of doing this with as little color as possible since I think all black would contrast nice with my bright red hair. I would like help with shoes since the only Lolita style shoes I have are 4-5in platforms from demollia with white and black leather-lace on it. I do not own any other dressy shoes and since I'm short wearing high heels is not an issue. I also would like to keep things as cheap as possible since I feel guilty enough that Mom is getting this dress for me.

Also, if anyone has estimates on how much it cost (customs wise) for a OP dress from Japan to New York/USA it would be VERY HELPFUL.




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