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WTB - JSK, OP....

Hey guys

  I'm thinking of asking for an OP or JSK for my birthday that is coming up. It would be my first one… Any suggestions?

  I don't think I'm skinny enough to fit into Brand names ( Bust =41", Waist= 38", Hips= 42"), unless you know of a plus size dress someone has out right now, So I'm thinking eBay mostly..

 I've looked around on eBay and found most of the main stores that make Lolita clothes and cosplay clothes, have any of you ever bought somthing off eBay. I'm rly afraid of something going wrong 0_0"

 And I heard some brands have like a Special Plus-Sized Dress usually in a collection.. Oh! and I beleive Meta has the biggest sizing, someone suggested I should ask EGL comm (you guys!)... so could you tell frm my measurements if I could fit anything they have right now?
 I don't want very short sleaves, and I would like the hem to fall the regular-above-the-knees! ( I am 5"4, or 163cm)
fond of plaid and navy, from what ic an think of now. But if I like it I like it I guess...
Nothing too expensive since I'm asking for it for a gift, around $100-200 CAD. Nothing past $200 CAD!! 

Thanks if anyone can think of something HAHA

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