Pretty kitty (t3h_janitor_jim) wrote in egl,
Pretty kitty

Another photopost!

Hey, eveyone! I went to a lolita photoshoot/picnic down here in Jersey and I thought these pictures came out better than my crappy mirror pics.
That day, it was windy and COLD. I didn't know why I didn't get sick from running around in summer loli XD. I think my smile sucks since I don't smile well under pressure. My boyfriend also says my locket stands out in all my pictures. I didn't want to take it off because I've been overprotective of it since it fell into the drain once.

Before I forget... All photos are by tyrus! He's really amazing.

I forgot what I was thinking about in this one.

Wow... I look evil right here.

I like this one the best but my JSK is touching the ground! Oh no!

The tree makes me look shorter than I am...

Now for the outfit
Blouse: H&M
JSK: Homemade
Socks: K-mart... XD
Shoes: Target
Hairbow: Homemade

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