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FS: a whole lotta stuff

Oh boy, this is going to cover quite a few subgenres...

I'm beginning a part of a major divestment of my collection since I no longer wear them (if I ever did!). I've acquired a "less is more" philosophy lately so... trying to get rid of as many things as possible. I'm new here, but you can check my feedback on Ebay under kirbyrain; you'll have to dig back to see sales, but I've done quite a few of them. I will mail out the next business day after payment, and I will be happy to combine shipping if you get multiple purchases. First come is first served! If anyone spends more than $150 with me, I will also include a set of Skin Food's Snow Tea Toner and Snow Tea Emulsion, which is Skin Food's skin whitening series. The links will show you what they are, and the size (160 ml each). Prices are not including shipping, with the exception of the gothic lolita bibles; I'll calculate shipping depending on weight and location. I usually send by USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation, since it gets to you quickly (2-3 business days) and it gives me peace of mind (delivery confirmation). All prices are negotiable, by the way. ^_^

Gothic Lolita Bibles

I have bibles 3, 11, 12, 14, and 15 available for sale. They're all virtually brand new; never took out the patterns since I regarded them more of an "artbook" than anything else. If you want me to take a picture as proof that I have them, let me know. $20 each in the US, which includes shipping. If you buy more than 1, knock off $2 from the total price for every extra one you buy! (e.g., if you buy 2, the total is $38, 3 is $56, etc.).

Non-namebrand Bunny Hoodie 1

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

$40, THIS INCLUDES SHIPPING IN THE US - if you spend another $5, I'll throw in the other bunny hoodie in the package as well. ^_^ Bunny hoodie. It's made of hoodie material, and quite long - if you're shorter than, say, 5'5" it would also work as a dress, or a tunic. Maximum bust to accomodate is 37" - anything after will be quite tight! The length of the sleeve is 25" from sleeve edge to shoulder; the length from neck to hem is 27". I'm 5'7" and it just barely covers my bum, so I think it would look best with a poofy skirt of some sort if you are taller. The bunny is actually a stuffed pin; you can pin it anywhere on the hoodie. ^_^

Ba-tsu tie

Free Image Hosting at

Oh boy, I bought this YEARS ago... like four years ago. I really wanted the "For Deep Sorrow" Ba-tsu tie, and ended up having to get three ba-tsu ties as a set in order to get the deep sorrow one. I really liked this one, so I kept it and auctioned off the third one. But I barely wear this one now, so I am willing to part with it for the right price. Yahoo Japan doesn't really help me out on pricing, though, seems to be quite rare nowadays. =/ Make an offer!

Betty's Blue coat

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Betty's Blue coat. This is a brilliant CANDY PINK. I'm not the first owner of this coat, since I bought if off Yahoo! Japan four years ago as well. But I barely wore it because of its bright candy pinkness. =/ The other reason I barely wore it is because it was actually too big for me - it will accomodate a 40-42" bust and I DON'T recommend that you be smaller than 36" unless you are wearing a sweater or thick clothing to pad you out because then the buttons don't fasten properly. It's 40" long from neck to hem and it falls to a little above my ankles, and flares out to accomodate poofy skirts. It's been recently dry-cleaned. I paid $150 for the coat, so I'm looking around $120 for it.

Another Bunny Hoodie

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$10. I ordered a bunny hoodie and got the wrong one. =/ It's a very soft velour type material, and very comfy - it will accomodate up to a 36-37" bust comfortably.

Jumper skirt

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$10. I love jumper skirts! I've never liked the lacy lolita-esque styles, it's too difficult to wear them without them getting dirty in NYC, which is why I almost always preferred to get lacy blouses and plainer jumper skirts. I finally found one I liked, so I'm selling this one. This goes up to underneath your breast and is sized around small-medium - absolute maximum that it will accomodate for the breastbone is 30" and the waist 28". There's no give to this fabric, so it's best that your bra band size is 34 or under. The color is a deep nubbly charcoal gray.

Takuya Angel shrug - SOLD

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Knee High Socks - SOLD

Free Image Hosting at

Another Coat

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

$50. Got this off Yahoo Japan as well. It's 49" from shoulder to hem, and the buttons are hidden. I'm pretty sure this is a wool blend of some sort, very silky like cashmere but at the price I bought it at, definitely NOT cashmere. It's cut much smaller, and meant for girls up to 35" bust - it's better that you be 34" or under. There's a slight empire cut to it - it poofs out ever so slightly underneath the breastbone. It was my "basic" coat - I used to attach collars or cuffs or capes to it as I pleased depending on my mood, or take them off entirely when I didn't want to show off.

Schoolgirl shirt

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$12. White schoolgirl shirt. Comes with a long ribbon to tie around your neck, or you can use your own tie if you have one. Bought this in black, white, and pink, and decided to let go of white - I've never worn this, ever. This is sized small/medium, and will best accomodate those up to 34" bust. It can stretch to 35" and 36", but it will be quite form-fitting if you do that. It's made of a very light material, which makes this good for spring/summer outfits.

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