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Stuffs for sale (Fan+Friend, Double Decker and more!!) :

 I have been cleaning out my closet and decided that a bunch of stuff must go. Come and see!! (Fan+Friend, Double Decker and more!!)
Firstly, I have one of these that I got from Retroscope in a size large:

I would like $35. for this.
here is the Retroscope size chart:

Gothic Lolita Size Chart: SIZE BUST WAIST HIPS US Size UK Size
S 34-36 inches 25-27 inches 36-38 inches 12 14
M 36-38 inches 27-29 inches 38-40 inches 14 16
L 38-40 inches 29-31 inches 40-42 inches 16 18
XL 42-44 inches 34-36 inches 44-46 inches 20 22

I also have it in black velvet in a size XL.

I would like $45. for this. Both are unworn, only tried on.

Next, I have this skirt in black with pink and white:

I would like $45. for it. also unworn, only tried on. I think it's got about a 30 inch waist but can stretch a few inches bigger.

Next I have some double decker white boots with a wooden sole:

I paid $80. for these and would like to get that back. Unworn, only tried on. The size is a bit of a mystery. there is a sticker on the inside that says "38", but i dont know what that means. I wear a US 7.5 and a EU 38 and a UK 5 but these are way too big. I'd say at least one and a half to two sizes too big. so, 9 or 9.5 US.
They are so great looking in person I hate to have to sell them but there is no way I can make them work.

I also have this custom dress for sale, worn once or twice. this was made to fit me at size 40-30-40 but can go a few inches smaller and a few inches bigger. the model is close to a US 6 with no boobs at all. I'd like $40. for this:  Sold! Thanks.

It laces up in the back.
Next I have a vintage stripey skirt. I'd say the waist is about 30 inches. I'd like $10. for this:

Another is a grey circle skirt I got at Anthropologie for too much money in a size 12. I wore this one time, I'd like $25. for this:

Next is a petticoat i got from someone on EGL. Lots of strech to fit everybody. I'd like $8. for this:  sold!  Thank you!!

this skirt is old and i've worn it a bunch of times. it's by ralph lauren and is a size 30-40" waist I'd say. I'd like $10. for this. Oh, by the way it is way more pretty in person. thise pics do not do it justice!! It's really lovely.

Let me know if you have any questions or think something is too expensive. I hope this works!! Thanks!!! -Milk  
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