Delphine Lévesque Demers (zerick) wrote in egl,
Delphine Lévesque Demers

Just a little Meta sizing question ... ^.^

Hi hi !! I'm in urgent need of a beautiful white blouse and I was just wondering if any of you own this one ( not matter the colors ) I just wanna know if it runs large or terribly small ( you never know with Meta sizing >_< ) I have a Meta crown lace tall size blouse that is a little too big for me so I won't take any other tall size one, but since my bust of doom is somewhere between 37"~38" I want to avoid the evil front button gap problem ^.^; And since they're kinda pricy, I just wanted to know first if other people have it ... any help would be very appreciated ! :

Looking at the size, (37.9in), waist (35.4in) it seems to run large to me but I just HOPE they are being true to their measurement XD !!

I'm also gonna ask you the exact same question about this dress here :

Thanks for your help !!
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