Airin | 오리 (icecreambat) wrote in egl,
Airin | 오리

A design realised !

Ok, so a while back I was asking how to coordinate a specific ETC blouse for a classic outfit here. There were many good suggestions but I thought sakurafairy's was a definite winner, and lo and behold, something eventually came out of it:

This was sakurafairy's design as you've probably cleverly figured out by now. I decided to go with a flat high waist since I was in a bit of a hurry but kept the main silhouette.

And here's a picture of me lolz. Thanks to bad lighting at the event, this is the best picture I can offer but I think it does a good job of showing off how it came out anyway. I had the pear thingybob made for me by worms_lair. The skirt is a little bunched up but it is knee-lenght, if a little longer.

Anyway! Just showing off as a sign of appreciation for the help I got back there, so that's all :D
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