Lor (lorlovesyou) wrote in egl,

amazing non-loli shoes

I know I'll probably get beat for this but I HATE lolita shoes...HATE. Way too cutesy for me but I found these as an alternative <33333

Hmmm.... now I just need the money to get my JSK from baby
:O I probably should have bought the dress first then the shoes but I couldn't help myself! Buying the shoes kinda forces me to stop being dumb & finally order something from Baby though!
they go so perfectly together!

I got them at Nordstroms for only $125

& Look how great they'll look with this!
((if this is sold out in a week I will die ))

oh and I forgot hopefully this from Alice & The Pirates:

or some headress from Alice & the pirates

Eeee I'm so excited about it :D I'm ordering it the second I get my paycheck. It's way better then the other JSK I wanted, I'm glad I waited before I ordered! It's a little over the top for my first non casual handmade outfit but whatever!

what kind of socks :O?
& does anyone have pics of that dress with a blouse? I can't really picture it...

I hope someone comes out with more royal blue dresses....


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