lorelei_mayrose (lorelei_mayrose) wrote in egl,

Hair problem, help!

So, the problem is, I've always had a very hard time with my hair. I'll try to describe them : they used to be very frizzy and thick (frizzy, mind, not curly, and believe me it was a pain) and I tried so hard to tame them that they are now less thick, very wavy, and kinda frizzy on the top -___-. They are also rather dry and not very soft. I use loads of different products on them though, and try to vary the shampoos I'm using.
To make them look good, I have to blow dry them and do a brushing, and then I use a, hmm how do you say in English, an iron? :s it works by heating up and straightening the hair. Well I guess you see what I mean ^^".
And in the morning, they are all wavy again...wild waves believe me lol.
So the question is, do you have any advice to make them more soft, less wavy and frizzy? Something that really works well and doesn't do damage to the hair?
Because I really can't do much with them...and that's too bad, because there are lots of things I would like to try.

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