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Ann Arbor is Boomin'!

So, I just got my F+F order in the mail yesterday, so I thought it would be appropriate to take tons of photos of it while it is still nice here in Michigan (there are approximately 5 cloudless days in Michigan per year). So, pictishlass and I headed to downtown Ann Arbor with our two wonderful friends to take tons of pictures.

Here Pictishlass is in front of a scary dragon in graffiti alley.

I cried D:

Our lovely friend the Ita. She isn't really, she was just wearing my sleeves XD and she looked dumb. She didn't know what was going on in this picture.

I love tagging shit :D

Graffiti pretty much rocks.

My love :D

Don't look here! Not for the children!!

Sun sucks, but the shadow of the trees is pretty awesome.

I am a tiger. LOL Margaret was gonna push me off the edge, and that is a very long fall.

Sun makes us angry. Well, rather makes our faces look angry.

I have no clever comment for this one, because it just looks wonderful.

Captain Loli.

WTF? (My eyes are closed D:)

Pictishlass lookin like a beauty

A great close up.

I like this picture a lot, even though I am a bit squinty.

I wish this was my freakin senior picture!!

Awesome, but it was so scary crawling up on that ledge. I am terrified of heights, I had to have Pictishlass carry me down XD.

I love the lighting on this one.

The expression on my face is priceless.

Awesome lamp.

Once again, sweet lighting. Goddamn our photographer Hattie was magnificent!

Awesome angle for an awesome person and an awesome ceiling that has an awesome chandelier.

Pictishlass is the studious one.

I am not.

TREE. I love that tree.

I found you.

There was no way I was gonna sit down in Shiro-Lolita.

SO cute though :D

Dumb college kids shouting nonsense. They were waving, so I took a picture XD

FINALLY WE CAN SIT DOWN. Our feet actually started to shed tears.

Myspace. Obligatory.

Everyone loves bubbles.

I am a gangster at heart.

And I leave you with all of that. Sorry if you were totally bored by all this. We had a really productive day though. I would like to thank our good friend Hattie for taking all the wonderful pictures, and Grace for letting us make fun of her, without her actually knowing.

Outfit rundown:
Head bow: Herself
Socks: Macys + Herself
Shoes: Montreal (ling lam)
Petticoat: ITS
Purse: F+F replica (I love it so much)
Head piece: Herself
Blouse: Herself
Skirt: Herself
Socks: Her Mommy and Herself
Shoes: An*Ten*Na
Petticoat: ITS

Thats it I guess. Sorry for so many pictures. I actually took out like 20 XD.
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