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First Timer aka noob loli - Please Halp!

Hi, I never imagined that my first coming-out-of-lurkdom on EGL would be a Halp Me post, but what do you know? I'm sorry. Hopefully I'll be able next time to contribute in some more worthwile way.

Anyway, I'll get to the point, since I have to be ready to leave in about two hours.
Tonight is the first time I'm wearing lolita out, and so I'm extremely pretty nervous, lol.

I've two questions.

One, is any suggestions for what I can do with my hair?
You see, my hair is just curly enough that using a curling iron for the past hour has done pretty much nothing for it.
Alternately, it is just not curly enough to make just leaving it down a nice and tidy look >_> Its too thick for many styles to hold and is rather long - halfway down my back.

Two, public transport here is Lolita Enemy number one.
I have a petticoat that is HUEG LEIK XBOX, which means that sitting and stuff is a pain. As a fatty-chan, I am used to taking up a lot of space in this world, but when the space I'm taking up is a lovely dress, I want to minimise crinkles and such.
Standing, I know, is an option, but I feel that doing so would be drawing extra attention to me. That, and (shoes) I'd also need to be continually moving out of peoples' way.

Thanks much for your attentions,
Much love,
Cajun Cat

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