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rose chocolat petit drawers [update / review?]

so while ago myself [and later someone else inquiring] made a post in regards to their bloomers / petit drawers and the fact that they didn't send them to me when i ordered them with a pair of shoes.

so of course i emailed them.
well, do not use their paypal address for this, they'll tell you they don't handle questions there.
if you need to ask rose chocolat something you should:
go to their website, log in
go to "contact us" at the top menu
scroll down and click 1:1 care service center
send them your question w/ your email like it asks

and they will respond to you by email. she responded to me within a day i think. she apologized, explained that there was probably some kind of communication error between her and someone else, and told me that she sent my drawers now. i think this was tuesday maybe, and they came in the mail today by ems :) she also sent with them some really good korean candies and a couple packets of tea that i am totally going to go make later :p.

hopefully they can get their stuff sorted out for the better of everyone. but at least if they forget your stuff, you should still get it if you ask.

they're really suprisingly excellent for the price. imo they are better than the pair of meta bloomers i have owned, simply because the fabric is a little thicker. i don't know what they're made of, it feels kind like a really nice cutsew material. also the waist will go a little bigger than the measurements listed on the site, by maybe about 3~4 inches. i think they'd even still be worth it if you just bought a pair and paid the rediculous shipping.
[and just so you know i don't think they are overcharging, the price on the EMS form was about $23 JUST for the bloomers. so it is pretty close to what they charge plus they ship everything in plastic or a shoe box + tissue paper + sturdy boxes!]

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