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This is just a little mental babble I had before I fell asleep last night about the lifestyle side of things.

For many people being lolita means being child like. Innocent. It's even a hard clad Rule for some people.
Now even these people accept that being Maiden like is a good bet for older lolis. It still seems to be attached to the innocense though. A purity of self that I was definetely attached to in my earlier days as a loli. As childlike was creepy for being nearly six foot and 20 years old already.
But now, at 25, I find myself kinda growing away from both of those terms. I'm hardly childlike, and calling myself a maiden is starting to make me snicker. I mean if you're old enough to have changed some of the younger loli's Diapers...
I am Still very attached to lolita. So I thought, why do we have to be constrainded to the youth ideal? Can't lolitas be Ladies as well as? Does lolita, as a group conciousness not as individual people, have to be constrained to the younger set?
One person told me childlike wasn't really a discription of lolita but Playful was. I think women can be playful throughout their lives. Find joy in beautiful things and be charming even at 90 years old.
Without being some creepy person pretending to be 30 years younger than they actually are...

p.s. if I've offended anyone. Please refer to the icon. XD

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