Ko-Rin (littlblackrose1) wrote in egl,

For Sale

Victorian Maiden Flower Print Dress -  € 250 // $ 335
Selling my Victorian Maiden Flower Print dress, because I found out that classic lolita isn't really for me.
I actually don't like to sell it because it was my first brand dress, but I never wear it anymore and it's just hanging in my closet, without doing anything with it
I've worn it like 5-6 times. This dress is also not very big, so it's more for the smaller people.
With the dress there comes a stola of 40 centimeters long.

Shipping is included in this dress!


Waist: 76 cm (max.)
Bust: 84 cm
Height: 79 cm

The image “http://i167.photobucket.com/albums/u149/kitoramu-chan/Sellings/IMG_1460-1.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Back // Back Detail // Stola

Lolita Rose Dress -  € 50 // $ 67
This dress is from the (fake) brand "Lolita Rose". It was my first lolita-ish item, but now I don't wear it anymore.
Worn for 2-3 times.

Size: M


Length: 95 cm.
Bust: 88 cm (max.)

Top // Top Detail // Bottom // Bottom Lace

h.Naoto Anarchy Coat -  € 130 // $ 172
This h.Naoto coat is new. But it doesn't fit me because the shoulders are too wide.

(Hat not incluced xD)

Left Bust // Left Pocket // Right Pocket


Full length: 77 centimeters
Shoulders width: 43 centimeters
Sleeve length: 56 centimeters

Music Earrings -  € 5 // $ 6,90

Payment Method:
I accept PayPal and banktransfer (though I don't know how this works with foreign country's)

Shipping depends on which item and country you live in. If you want to know how much shipping would be to your country, just ask ;)

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