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Coordination help please n_n

This Sunday, I'll be wearing a formal lolita outfit to my local pop-culture con (anime, manga, film, video games - it's all thrown in together), and I was planning to attend in cosplay. While that's fallen through, I'll still be going to support a friend in her costume and wander around in pretty lace. I'll be wearing this dress in black, black Double Decker rockinghorse shoes, and the matching tote bag. Since I don't have a black headbow, I'm planning to use the detachable bow from the front of the dress as a headbow, but if anyone has a black BtSSB headbow they'd like to sell, do comment. It won't arrive by Sunday, but I do need one to match eventually.
What I need help with is which blouse and stockings to pair with it. Logic suggests that I should pair this blouse in black, and either OTK black socks or full-length opaque stockings (I may go for the full-length stockings, since the dress falls a little bit above my knee, especially with a petti.) But as my boyfriend pointed out, the dress does have white in the print, and it might be a bit hot for a winter-weight blouse and stockings. I also have a similar blouse in off-white, and white OTK socks, so which do you all think would look better and more cohesive?
If it helps, I have longish red hair with a hime cut, which will most likely be straightened and slightly teased at the crown for a hime-gyaru style (can one even combine straightened hair and hime-gyaru? I don't have a curling iron and generally look awful with curls).
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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