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Sweet Spring @ Sheffield 21st April 2007 meet

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Place : Sheffield
Date : 21st April 2007 (Sat)
Meet up point : Sheffield Train Station Concourse (area around the train boards listing) ** if no one is arriving by train however, we'll change it to some other place **
Time : 12.30pm

Additional info : Feel free to arrive earlier, just let us know and we'll be there to meet up with everyone. If arriving earlier, we can hang out together somewhere first, just do inform us if you want to ^^;. If arriving later, do state when/where as well so we can meet up with you.

Tentative suggestions for the day (with rough time estimates) :-

12:30 ~ 1:15pm : Meet up with everyone / wait for arrivals
1:15 ~ : Proceed to Winter Gardens
2+ (?) : Over to Pollards for yummies / or any other place that strikes our fancy along the way >3
3+ : Onwards to Firth Court of Uni of Sheffield to terrorize take pics with its red-brickness XD~
4+ : To Weston Park / museum for more picture taking and generally strolling around the greenery ^^

This is not set in stone ! But just as a general suggestion ^^

Am not sure what time everyone is leaving or departing Sheffield (for those not in Sheffield) so let us know as well so we can plan the whole round.

Hope you guys don't mind walking ! XD~! Sheffield is quite notorious famous for its up and down terrain <3;;;

Attendees :-
rh11 @ sheffield
whiskers18 @ sheffield
spinell (no LJ) @ sheffield
rex (no LJ) @ sheffield
synders (+ 2 friends) @ sheffield
mars_malice (bf of) @ sheffield
bunnychan86 - Coach @ 12:55

innermoonlight (and bf ?)

Extra info
Hope you guys don't mind, but it'll be great if we could have your mobile numbers to contact everyone in case of anything. I'll be screening comments, so please let us know about your attendance (for those who haven't confirmed) as well as the time you would be arriving and with what plus your contactable number. If you are arriving in groups its ok to just provide either one of the numbers. I'll reply your comment with my number as well plus my friend's so that we may be contacted if needed ^_^

Hope to see you all soon !

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