phen/エリ (phenphenny) wrote in egl,

Looking through the issue of G&LB that just came in the mail, I completely fell in love with these boots.

From what I can tell using crappy online translators when it says "履き口:約32cm", it means the mouth of the boot at the very top 'x'

Now, this is very important to me...I have very skinny legs xD; I can never fit in American boots . __.;
but I had hope because Japanese people tend to have thinner legs~ xD

Anyway, does anyone have these boots..? Are they pretty..skinny running through? D:
My legs are about 31cm around at the top, but I'd have to get a M for my foot size...would the 1cm make a huge difference?

Thanks for any help you can give me ♥

[OH and I noticed the M is all sold out, but it'd be a little while before I could buy them anyway, I just wanted to see if they'd fit before I took the time to save >w<;]
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