Biscuit (biscuitchan) wrote in egl,

closet Child payment question....

hey guys, I just have a quick question for you all.

I Just ordered an item from Closet Child, everything went fine and I wanted to pay through Paypal, so they gave me the adress....
so I went and sent money as I normally do. but then I noticed that they actually sent me an invoice thing through paypal for me to pay through.....which I hope that makes sense...which had everything all written out with what Item I was buying etc  (like when you use paypal for ebay)...

do you think it matters that i used the other way? should I email them and tell them?
I wouldn't know what to say 0_0

do you think it matters...? they get the money still and I wrote who I was and what item I had boughten in the message box...
I'm just not quite sure if I should tell them ot not....not sure if it would make a difference...
any help is MUCH appreciated!!

I should have checked my whole mailbox before I did anything >_<


EDIT: ok so I did email them about it. hopefully it wont make a difference and cause a problem.....
eek~ I'm just freaked out that I screwed up~

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