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** Small closet cleanout time. Offers are welcome (as this is all stuff I can't or won't wear, so no point in letting it collect dust). Will ship internationally but I can't be responsible for lost or damaged articles if you request a low value on customs form.

Baby cut sew -

size: standard Baby cutsew. 33" bust flat measured, 18" length. Fits me at 36", but my arms are too big too look good in it ;p
condition: used. Fabric has some pilling/fuzzing (I tried to take a pic) and there is some minor dirt around the inside of the collar. A very good quality piece with a lot of life left in it, but it is not "like new".
price: $50

Meta blouse -

The fit on this blouse is fabulous but I already have the high collared version. New with tags.
price: $75

Meta bloomers -

New with tags (3990Y)
price: $22

Handmade set -

inside out (serged seams); this color is more accurate than the flash photo above -

Skirt and blouse set. Worn once, in like-new condition. (I made this as a test pattern and the top is a bit too big for me.)
size: top - 18" across bust, measured flat. Made of a heavy weight jersey, will comfortably stretch several inches. 22" length (good for taller/longer torsoed lolis; I can hem it if requested.) Skirt: double elastic waistband measures ~26" unstretched. Full stretch ~45", probably best fit 26 - 33". Hem measures 91" around.
price: $65

Emily Temple Cute dress -

I posted this a few months back; I know someone emailed me about it but I lost the email (sorry!) so here it is again --

The back is shirred and has a lot of stretch, but it's darted for a fairly small bust-to-waist ratio. For reference, the dressform is set to 33"-26". I could wear it very comfortably at 36"-28".

condition/price: This dress has some damage. I bought it on YJ and didn't know it wasn't in like-new condition, so I know it's not worth what I paid. I don't know what it is worth, though, so I'll take offers.

The damage is to the shirring. This was shirred with elastic bobbin thread which is a lot more fragile that sewn-in elastic. On one side some of the elastic has popped out of the seam and been sewn back down. I wore it a few times like this and no more of the elastic pulled out (even with my big boobs pulling on it ;p), so I think all the bits that weren't fully anchored into the seam have probably pulled out by now. This could be professionally fixed, but it's wearable as-is; the elastic is very well anchored by hand.

Apart from the repair, the dress is in good condition. The cherries are embroidered, not printed, and it even has pockets. It's adorable, and I dearly wish it looked better on me. But it doesn't. Foo.

This is what the repaired area looks like from the outside
And the inside repair

Meta dress -

(More accurate color without flash/bodice detail)

I really love this dress, but I feel very dressy in it, so I've only worn it to fancy things (which is rare in my life.) I wouldn't mind keeping it, but I have my eye on some clothes I'd wear more frequently so I thought I'd post it in case someone was interested.
size: flat bust ~34", lacing can adjust it smaller. Fits me well at 36", max for comfortable fit is hard to say. Possibly 38". Waist up to 30". Underskirt is free size. Dress is in very good condition. The rose corsage is on a pinback so it can be removed.

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