We've all fallen in a river from time to time (kero_chan42) wrote in egl,
We've all fallen in a river from time to time

DS, Last thing for a while, I PROMISE! BTSSB Red Riding Hood OP/Coat

Okay, I waffled on this for a long time, but I finally have come to the realization that this OP, while gorgeous and quite possibly one of my favorite pieces I've ever owned, is just not suited for me.  I have no nearby lolitas, so I have few good excuses to wear "balls to the wall" lolita.   Also, a light colored spring coat is rather unfeasible for me, as a mother of two.  ^_^  So I am just giving up the ghost on this.  I paid 250.00 for it of yjapan auctions, not including shipping and shopping service  fees.  As such, I'd like at the very least 200.00 for it.  I can ship overseas, but please ask for rates.  I have a fair amount of positive feedback on the lolita database,  My ebay feedback is located: HERE

It is sold out on the website, but you can check the measurements, or  see just how wonderful it is here:

Color is off white
max bust is 36"

The hood, the collar, the front ties, and the sleeves are all detachable, making this one hell of a convertable piece.

NOTE: I also have a pair of matching NWT red riding hood BTSSB socks, if anyone wants them as a set.
Offers over 200.00, please. Thanks for looking.  

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