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PLUS SIZED Long Sleeved Victorian Maiden Replica Dress

PLUS SIZED Long Sleeved Victorian Maiden Replica Dress

Hello everyone!

I need and want to depart with this particular dress now. Anyway, I got this dress commissioned byprincess_misa   .
Here's a link to what the dress looks like. It is the fourth dress on this page. If you want more pictures of the dress please let me know. I will be glad to give your pictures of the dress myself.

The measurements of the dress are:
Bust: 45 inches
Waist:40 inches

BTW, I am 5'2'' I just wanted to state that before someone buys it, just so you can get a bit of a idea of what it may look like on someone taller.

I originally bought this dress for 200 USD (shipping included). I have only worn this dress 3 times, and I want to sell the dress for at 180 (included shipping anywhere). The price is negotiable. The dress has two detachable bows (one of the bows that I have, I lost the safety pin to re-attach to the dress).

I only accept paypal.

EDIT: I do not smoke, nor am I around  a smoking environment. No pets (unfortuntately. ^_^) And I will lower the price to 140 including shipping. Trading may be considered.

If you have any questions or concerns please let me know. X-posted.

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