petit_lacet (petit_lacet) wrote in egl,

coordination help: prom ^^

Im getting waaaaaaay ahead of my prom which is in noveber but i'm already conspiring about my coordination and I thought maybe you girls could help me out =P

<lj-cut> For the dress I was thinking about something not sexy (cos sexy equals uncomfortable) so I thought CHAN CHAN!!! lolita... with a bit himegyary touch... big poofy hair ... heels... bow... I dunno here is option Nº1:

- this dress is already sold out in cream so i'm going to costumize it with a very good seamstress and me and my mom are gonna go fabric shopping!

- my hair is naturally brown and a little copper but I was thinking of intensiying the tone. So for that I though of the cream colour dress... but white is also great .

option Nº2:

I'm also going for white whith this dress, a little less shinier and moar poofiness

shoes OMG!!!!:

I was thinking of regular black rocking horse shoes ( maybe rose chocolat ones) for the first dress in cream colour
and for the first dress in white or the second one im going for RHS in white DUH

or maybe these shoes which are also gorgeous

in white... also ¬¬

and last but not least ... jewelry.... ^^ my favorite

I thought that I should skip out of the white for the little details and I like this set from suppurate system but it may be too expensive:

and ring too

or maybe just the new vivienne westwood earrings and necklace...and maybe bracelet too XD( I luff theeese T_T):

all heart series XD

and to ... entertaing you ... a pic of my face so you can advice some makeup tips ^^ ( my nose looks freaking big in that photo XD really it doesn't looks like that... and yeah my fringe is growing ¬¬)

that's all folks bye!!! ;)
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