PlasticMonkey - Omega Virii (plasticmonkey) wrote in egl,
PlasticMonkey - Omega Virii

H. Naoto blood DS GLB

This one's a bit too short for me. Otherwise, I'd LOVE to keep it. 16" long, 14" bust, the sleeves bell out at the wrist. Let me know if you want more pictures. Cute lace along the top.

USD 40$

Vol: 20 GLB.

This one had the pattern ripped out, but it is still included.

USD 12$

Vol: 21 GLB.

Great condition, comes with brand stickers and a pattern.

USD 16$

Feedback at ebay

Shipping in the US will be 5$. International, please ask, and yes,I will combine shipping.

EDIT: Might help to put some payment info here, huh? ^^ I'll take paypal, either type, I have two accounts, so let me know which you'll be paying with. (CC or non). I'll also take MO's, but I'd really prefer paypal.
Thanks for looking!

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