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WTB: BONE Koincidence Oxfords SIZE 7 / Victorian boots in general

Okay, so this is my desperation talking. I've wanted a pair of Victorian-style shoes in cream for YEARS now, but all the ones available online are around $100 before shipping, if not much more. I'm really wary of spending the price of almost a full outfit on a pair of shoes, especially ones I cannot try on. So you can imagine how overjoyed I was when the Koincidence oxfords appeared at Payless for such an affordable price. But, much to my horror, my local Payless did not carry the bone ones, and NOBODY selling them on here had my size. I've watched like a hawk for size 7 bone shoes on here, but I fear that they simply don't exist. I know that this is the precise size I need, as I own a pair of the black ones.

Now I'm going to be coming into an antique white aristocratic outfit very soon, and am still without proper footwear. Before I do something drastic and shell out a hundred bucks to an eBay seller for Victorian boots, I thought I'd put out one last call for affordability. I'll buy them, I'll trade my black pair for them, I'll sell my left kidney for them. Anybody want to help a loli sister out?

Alternatively, I will take suggestions for other Victorian-style shoes/boots. The cheapest/best source I know of at the moment is Old Mill Mercantile, but I'm not really happy with their white/cream selection. I'd really like something in cream/bone, but I'll consider brown as well.

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