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Three Hair-Bows I made

I've found my niche, and that's bows, I seem to loving rock at making them and I really did a lot of work today and made three that I wish to show off. I'm not taking any comissions just now and I was intending to sell these but I like 'em all so much I'm gonna be greedy and keep for myself. Comissions will happen around the middle of the year when I don't have so much university stuff to do.

All the fabric I use is 100% Cotton and the lace is all cotton (vintage off-white clunny, cotton torchon), except for the rose gibbon which I think is mixedfibers/polyester.

First bow: Black x White

To show the size a US 1 Dorra note and the only note I have Australian $50 (LOL, this currancy is like monopoly money coloured and this note has to last till Monday <__<;)

Second bow: Antique x Black
I kind of fudged up the lace on the corner but this one's destined to end up on a ponytail tie due to it's size and crappiness. The lace around the edge is actually vintage lace a friend gave to me. And another shot of the black x white one for size comparison.

Thrid bow: HUEG LOVING KURO ARICE BEW (Huge F@#$ing Black Alice Bow)
Oh yeah, this baby is awesome, the edge isn't screwed there, that's just the lace folded down on itself so this one is nearly perfect. I was comissioned by new_xeroto make one similiar to this but in pink x white (see it here) a little while ago and decided I needed one for my noggin too :3

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