s e b a s t i a n (cacophonysaint) wrote in egl,
s e b a s t i a n

DS: BPN shirt

i bought this ages ago off yjapan but i've only worn it once. it's far too short on me [and my monkey arms] so i'm finally letting it go. the shirt is see-through, so it needs something under it [something other than black will bring the print out more, otherwise it gets kind of swallowed up] it's in perfect condition except for a tiny moth hole on one sleeve that i didn't notice until laying it out for pictures. the white square on the sweater is the inside tag, and any other marks are from the camera.
i'd like $25.00 shipped for it. paypal [ficklemartyr@gmail.com] or concealed cash [at your own risk]
length is about 20in
bust is about 28-44in [it's stretchy, but the more it stretches lengthwise the shorter it'll get; keep this in mind]
sleeves are about 26in

without flash

with flash

close up of print w/flash
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