J (kyomu) wrote in egl,

New community?

Since the response to this post was mainly positive I thought I would go ahead with the planning stages of the new community.

As I want this to be as democratic a process as possible I thought I would post my ideas and see what people would like to be added/changed. Right now I am NOT looking for people to apply, just what people think of the application process/organization of the community.

For the different positions I thought that these would be the main categories, number of people are next to the title.
Sweet (6)
Classical (4)
Gothic (4)
Aristocrat (2)
Prince (2)
ETC/JM/Casual (2)
Punk (2)
Other (someone interested in stretching the boundries of lolita with wa/pirate/ero/guro styles) (2)

Sewing (4)
Hair/Makeup (2)
Japanese Scene (2)
Shopping Questions (4)
Meetup/Teaparty (2)
Crafts/DIY (2)
Coordination Help (dressing for your size, height, etc) (6 representing different body types, short, average, tall and skinny, average, and curvy)
Lolita Lifestyle (2)

For the application these is the template so far.
Favorite Brand(s):
Time interested in lolita:
Time dressing in lolita:
Previous contributions to lolita community both online and offline:
Qualifications and additional skills:
Why you want to help out:
A photo of you in your favorite outfit (no need to show your face if you dont want to)
You will do a critique of a photo (I will probably choose some random old Japanese street snap just to make sure it is no one anyone knows)

What do you guys think?

For the community itself I was thinking it would be best to have open membership, but moderated posts. So anyone can post a question, but it has to be reviewed so that it isn't spam/advertising/etc. It would be nice if a few people could also help out just reviewing posts so if anyone wanted to be a co-maintainer that would be good. Also I plan on having a post at the top to function as the memories and cataloging all past questions there for easy searching. I kind of envision it as a lolita "Dear Abby" where a person can pose a question to a more experienced member and get a no-snark reply, so it wouldn't take the place of egl in terms of conversation and such, just cut out some of the basic "how do I wore boots?" questions. Maybe it could be linked to the info page of egl as a place to check first or ask questions at if you are afraid of what the response of the community will be.
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