horrorface (horrorface) wrote in egl,

DS: offbrand coat

I've decided to sell the Momo's Handicrafts coat I recieved a few days ago. Please understand that I am not selling it because I am unhappy with the quality, but because the seller photos were misleading and I was expecting something else. The coat is warm, and somewhat heavy due to the nice cozy lining and wool material. It is a nice spring/fall coat, ideal for sweet lolis who are maybe just starting out, or on a budget. :D

The only complaint I had with the construction of this coat is the buttons/buttonholes; the buttonholes are somewhat frayed, and the buttons are backed cheaply with plastic. However, neither of these imperfections are visible when the coat is worn, and they don't bother me once the coat is on.

The coat was tailored to my measurements, which are roughly 31"-25"-34". However, it has enough give that I think someone a few inches bigger could probably fit, and so of course could a smaller person.

The fuzzy white collar and capelet are both removable. The capelet has a cute pink flower pattern across the bottom.

It flares out enough at the bottom to accomodate considerable poof.

I paid $110 (shipping included) so that is what I hope to get back. I will hear reasonable offers though, with $110 as BIN.


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