designwonder (designwonder) wrote in egl,

Coordination help?

So I'm contemplating buying my first brand dress because I just got a freelance opportunity and I'm going to be half sensible, blow about half of it, and save the rest. I was hoping for an opinion on a headdress. I think I'm going to get this JSK in red and this headdress in white. This seems like it would be perfect for me because I love big bows, but headbands tend to give me a headache easily. I also thought it might be too much, so I also skimmed at the smaller clip bows and didn't see anything off the bat I liked, but maybe if someone suggests a set?

Also, how forgiving is the fit of the JSK? I'm about a half an inch larger in the waist than what this JSK says the waist measurements are, but I have been dieting and plan to loose that half inch and hopefully another inch. I would like to be able to wear it right away though.

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