singhideous (singhideous) wrote in egl,

AHA!!!! Loli evidence found at Charlotte Ai

ALright, yesterday I went for a tour of the Art Institute in Charlotte NC. How can this possibly be loli? Well, as we were schmoozing along we stopped at a student work board. It was displaying different sketch types, in this case different types of lines heavy and dark used in alternative ways to alter the original look of the picture when low and behold there was one of the lolita model above! I don't know the models name, but the picture on the board was of her with her hair up and she had a bow lace necklace around her neck. All in all, I was a bit taken a back, because most likely it was not some random picture taken from a stack of magazines. SO I end this with..Is there a Loli/s at the Charlotte AI?
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