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ACEN Gothic and Lolita Fashion Show Dress Rehearsal and Pizza Party!

Hello and congratulations on being chosen to model in the 2007 ACEN Gothic and Lolita Fashion Show! This is ACEN's 10 year anniversary and so we'd like to make this fashion show the best it's ever seen! In order to make that happen, we need to see you, our models, so that we can put together the styles you will be showing off and make sure everyone is on the same page as to how our runway show will work. To that end, we are having a dress rehearsal at 1 PM on Saturday, April 28th at my (K-Chan's) house. This dress rehearsal is mandatory* because we will definitely need to see all of you together in order to run through the show at least once. But, on the bright side, it will also be a pizza party, a fun bunch of dressing up in gothic and lolita fashions, and a chance for all you models to meet!

Here's what you should bring:

1) Any and all Lolita (or aristocrat/pirate/etc.) fashions you have.

2) A white and black blouse.

3) Foundation that matches your skin tone, your own tube of mascara, and your own comb and brush.

4) Any appropriate shoes in your size (any black or white mary janes, Victorian style boots, or styles of shoe specifically for lolita fashion such as rocking horse shoes should work).

5) Any lolita underclothes you may already have, such as petticoats, bloomers, a pair of white tights, a pair of black tights, etc.

6) (optional) If you are uncomfortable changing in front of others, please wear an undershirt or tank top and a pair of workout shorts or boxers. Lolita fashion has a lot of layers, so these items should be easy to cover up.

7) An appetite! There will be pizza (like I said), soda, and lots of snacks J

By the way, don't freak out if you don't have some of these items and please don't feel like you have to buy anything! Just bring what you can and we'll take care of the rest. The most important thing we need to see is YOU so that we can sort you into the styles you'll be modeling and pick out the looks that work with you best. Also, it will help us (your tireless organizers) to see what we are missing and need to borrow or create before the show.

Please RSVP (so that I can give you directions to my house and know how many cupcakes to bake) no later than Wed. April 25th! My email address is remembermydream @ Just include your name, a way to contact you (email or phone) and how you'll be arriving (by CTA or in a car) and I'll respond with directions and my contact info in return.


K-Chan, Emma, and Alice

ACEN 2007 Gothic and Lolita Fashion Show Organizers

*PS: When we say the rehearsal is "mandatory" we mean "please make every attempt to be there" but of course if you can't make it because your sister is getting married or your boss is a total jerkface who refuses to let you have the afternoon off you won't be kicked out of the fashion show. Just let us know and we can arrange something else. But please, if it is at all possible for you to make all or even part of the rehearsal, do so! Thanks again!

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