Jola Rocknrolla (jola) wrote in egl,
Jola Rocknrolla

just received my package from cuppycakeland ...

review below the cut.

ok, since there have been a few questions on EGL about Cuppycakeland, and it seems like a few people might feel better hearing some feedback ...

I replied to a DS thread posted by Cuppycakeland a few days ago and got some AP socks and a BSSB mug from her. She gave me my shipping options and i chose EMS, it took her a few days to get to me with my final total (I think she said the items she was selling were a friend's and she had to pack up and weigh the things before giving me my EMS total) but once she did i paypalled her the $ and she emailed me saying that my package would be out soon. Two days later (because i'm impatient!) I emailed asking if she had a tracking number ... she did not at that time since it was her friend that sent it out but she said she would get back to me today. well today my package arrived! Everything was nicely packaged and exactly as represented. I feel that even with paying for EMS shipping the prices were fair and the products were new and in perfect condition. I would certainly recommend this seller based on my experience with her. I would say you have to be a bit patient since they are not online at the same time as US buyers it seems, but considering that all communication was good and i'm very satisfied.

here are photos!

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