original carla ghost (ugly_kitties) wrote in egl,
original carla ghost

H&M has some long dresses

This is partially just propaganda for my sales because I can't fit this dress, but I decided to do more than just throw it on and did my best to coordinate it, including another one of my sales items, so... here's a photo 8D It's not the floral H&M dress that popped up around christmas, it's peach with a sweet heart pattern.

Quick disclaimer: I'm feeling kind of... blehh and I just drank a liter and a half of water, so I look kind of... well, you'll see. Also, I didn't count on how bulky a Meta blouse can be.

Guh, blurry. But yeah, you see what I mean, I look all swollen up, which is why it looks like the dress doesn't fit. D: Patience, I must learn. It's not so terrible I can't put it on the internets, though. I still can't button up that blouse at the damn bust.

And here's why I can't wear it--I have exactly the opposite problem tall girls have with brand. I can stick like two fingers in there. When it lies flat on my shoulder, it messes with the pintucks and I just look terrible.

And this skirt is mad loooong.

No con crit unless you think it's something really awful, I don't plan on keeping the dress.
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