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DS: Need funds: prices lowered

Hi! I have feedback here on ebay, and a modest feedback post here (though I have done a ton more transactions on egl, I just forget to ask people to reply there XD). Prices are slightly negotiable, so if you have a reasonable offer, feel free to post it. I accept payments in paypal (there is a fee charged for me but I am trying not to ask you to pay it ^^;;). Shipping and handling within the US will be $4 for socks and headwear, $5 for bags and blouses, $8 for skirts, dresses, and shoes. Please request insurance if you would like it, but I am not responsible for post office mishaps if you do not purchase it.

I really need funds right now because of study abroad this summer and having to pay for medical procedures without insurance. x.x

First off a BTSSB white sailor-collar blouse:

Fits like a typical BTSSB blouse, might actually be a little bigger around the bust and waist. $105 or best offer.

Then we have an Innocent World BxW Skirt:

This is a fairly heavy skirt with nice sturdy material, beautiful lace and ribbon detail, and very well represents Innocent World. The waist is ideally between 22-25", but I suppose a 26" could squeeze in if she does not hook the button. The original seller (who took the picture of the front) said that there was a tiny problem with the zipper, but I never noticed this. I would like $99 or best offer for this skirt.

Here is a pink headbow from AppleSugar:

It was a custom order with nice lace and material, but I never found a chance to wear it so it's new. I would like $14 or best offer.

PinkxWhite Headdress with heart details and pink beads:

Bought on eBay when I was starting out. $6 or best offer.

To see all my sales together, here is my Flickr sales page. Please comment only if you are truly interested. Thank you all for looking!

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