ChiiruChan (chiiruchan) wrote in egl,

DS: Lian Lian Brand Pink Bear Ear Coat

Sorry for the horrible pic. O_O; I have a kid's Hello Kitty camera.
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This is a Lian Lian Brand coat I got from "REFUSE TO BE USUAL" on ebay. It cost me $95.00 on bid and was the last one left. Unfortunatly, it was kinda tight to begin with then weight lifting toned my arms and now I can't get it on at all. O_o; It has one problem. The armpits lining has torn a bit because... O_O; I got it stuck on me. I can't sew worth a lick and I've done terrible repair jobs on some of my clothes. (I have to do by hand and no sewing machine...) Basically, if you don't mind fixing the lining of the jacket or don't mind since you can't really see it outside this is prolly best.

Because the lining is ripped and I used it a fair amount, I'm selling it for $60.00.
The bust measures 36" and best fits a S/M
Shipping is $10.00 for USA and $14 everywhere else.
+freebies! I'll send a few sheets of kawaii stationary with the jacket.
Note: I have feedback here for livejournal and ebay:

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