Rikki (therikkster) wrote in egl,

I swear, this started out a normal lolita picture. And then I got into the noir. I suppose you should just be glad I didn't try to find out how cabaret lolita would look.

Critique is SUPER-ENCOURAGED. You guys were super-helpful last time. It's just a quick sketch, because I need to know- Have I kept the outfit loli enough, or do I need MOAR RACE? (Also, my anatomy is shocking. I know this. I'm working on it, I promise.)

It was going to be a simple job. Walk in, get the boss, walk out. That was before I saw her, of course; She was wearing frills like i'd never seen before, and a little ribbon around her neck, and when she turned her pretty blue eyes on me, I knew I was in trouble.

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