...eat my irresistible love yams :D (ayako) wrote in egl,
...eat my irresistible love yams :D

I've always wanted to try sweet lolita...

A gothic and classical lolita here with her first attempt at something pinker (in the privacy of her own room of course ^^).

The first thing to figure out was those damned bows. How does one keep them straight and in their place? (Is it magic?) o_O Ah well, I found a solution XD XD

Empire waist. Nuff said. -_-;;

Eh? Eh? :D

Changed headdress and couldn't resist a Momoko pose.

Wrist cuffs are a commission from my friend. Key charm on one and a heart lock on the other.
(As you've noticed I'm wearing glasses. It's slightly more attractive than squinting at the webcam. lol)

I never understood the whole lolita and stuffed toy thing but might as well jump on that boat too. So uh...here's a rabbit.

Alright, I'm done for the night. Sweet lolita curiosity satisfied. I have to say I admire the amaroris in this community. All those bows ties and frills. It's a wonder you guys even get out of the house. :D

And everything is as it should be. ^____^

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