cidsa (cidsa) wrote in egl,

Sale :D

1) I will only accept paypal (but any type)
2) I will ship anywhere in the world, but this time I can't make any deals, it has to be paid in full
3) I may negotiate lower prices, please ask.

Please request any additional photos or information.
Oh yes and there are still a few things here:

IMPORTANT: If you are interested in an item, please don't leave a message and disappear, this is unfair to other buyers who may be interested.

1. White Metamorphose Blouse - *AWAITING PAYMENT*

2. Emily Temple Cute JSK - $140

Adorable pink ETC jumperskirt. The photos played a little bit of havok on it, the pink is much lighter and it is not really that shiny. Definitely meant to be worn as a sun dress without a blouse, this would make a great summer item. Has been worn, so there is a bit of wear on the velvet areas of the straps, but is in great condition otherwise. ETC is a pricey brand, hence the price.. which is about the same as I originally paid for it.

3. MAM Blouse - *SOLD*

4. Angelic Pretty Socks - $30 *AWAITING PAYMENT*

Super cute socks that have not even been tried on. I'd keep these but I just don't have anything that goes with them. Brand new.

5. TEMPS Music Note Socks - *SOLD*

6. Tripp Pants - $70

I bought these in NYC, but not at a hot topic. They are brand new, have only tried them on. They are quite comfortable and don't seem like they would fall apart at any time. I've also heard of Tripp pants (from HT) feeling stiff, but these don't feel stiff at all. US Women's Size 5.

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