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UPDATED Long Beach Tea Party~~

Here is the official information on a Long Beach Tea Party meet up I spoke of a while ago on la_loligoth~~

The event has been planned for May 20th, though we’re still open for suggestions. We want to get as many people as possible able to go, so the date is still up for discussion.
We’ll be eating at Vintage Tea Leaf (www.vintagetealeaf.com), which is located here:
Vintage Tea Leaf
969 E. Broadway
Long Beach 90802

However just a luncheon seems a bit boring, so if anyone has ideas for what else we can do, or knows anything fun in that area, please let me know!
So far we have suggestions for going to a Cue (photo booth place), and finding a movie theater nearby to go see Shrek the Third. Please let me know what you think about these!

What my sister and I were planning on doing in way of reservation is this:
Since a reservation is a bit out of my price range to pay entirely on my own, and since we obviously want to ensure that we are able to have a table that day, my sister and I had the idea to split the cost between the two of us, and then have the girls re-reimburse us at the party. This way, there’s no need for anyone to send any money through mail and risk evil money schemes or losing anything through the post. Of course we’re not going to make each girl pay us $60; once we’re all together we’ll divide the amount of people there by 60, and have them pay the amount that comes up. Right now it’s at about $6.50.

The start of the Tea Party will be 11:30, though I request that everyone be half an hour early just to ensure that we’re all there on time and to get introductions, questions, and other things out of the way. ^__^

Please note that I have not actually been to this shop myself, but I will have a full review of the area around the shop and the actual resturant by Mother's Day (a week before the meet-up) If anyone has any experience here, or suggestions, please let me know!! ^O^

There is no set dress code, such as casual or formal, just what ever you feel comfortable wearing out. If anyone wants to post a picture or a description of what you plan to wear, even just to get suggestions, please feel free! I myself will probably be doing this at the end of the week. This is mostly to help people decide what they want to wear (if you feel uncomfortable about being too dressed down, or too dressed up), however it's not maditory.

If you would like to participate, please comment or e-mail me using this form, just so I can keep things in order:

LJ name: I know I can just add this on my own, but I’d like it included just so I have less work…xD;
Name: e-mail if you want this kept private for now.
Nickname: For use if you don’t want your real name to be known even at the gathering, and also just for fun. ^_^
E-mail or other contact: MSNM, AIM, MySpace, ect. Just any other way we could contact you.
Age: This one isn’t completely necessary, more just for my own interest and so I know what age group I’m dealing with.
Any allergies you might have: So we can let the restaurant know ahead of time
What kind of Lolita you are: For fun! :D
General interests: Fun and so that my sister and I as the hostesses can ensure some nice conversations! ^_^
Anything else? : Just whatever else you want to add.


Your Hostesses:
LJ Name: becausedead
Name: Jackie
Nickname: Nezumi, Nezu, or Mei
E-mail or other contact: animemouse@msn.com; momononezumi (AIM); www.myspace.com/sweetlittleresistance
Age: 17
Any allergies you might have: Mustard. D:
What kind of Lolita you are: Amaloli
General interests: Tea, baking, J-rock, Visual Kei, very little anime, BOOOOOOKS, J-pop, J-fashion, writing fiction, sewing, and playing video games.
Anything else? : I’m kind of loud. O-o If I get a little too loud, don’t hesitant to shut me up. XD
LJ Name: Doesn’t have one
Name: Kristen
Nickname: Aralyn, Ara, Nee-chan
E-mail or other contact: http://www.myspace.com/daughterofireland, or through Mei.
Age: 17
Any allergies you might have: Beans
What kind of Lolita you are: Well, she’s more gothic/pirate-ish but she is genuinely interested and was the one who pushed me to organize this whole thing. ^-^ She also loves poofy skirts. XD;
General interests: Cooking, The Beatles, Irish things, Anime, manga, reading, writing, playing video games.
Anything else? : As I said, she’s not exactly a Lolita, but she’s knows what is acceptable and what isn’t. Plus, she’s paying half of the Good-faith deposit, so everyone cheer for her! XD

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have, or just to say hey! ^-^

Guest List:
LJ name: littlegrimi

Name: ****** Withheld for privacy

Nickname: I don't mind if peole refer to me as Grimi (usually "littlegrimi" everywhere online) but when the time comes for the meet I will tell everyone my real name.

E-mail or other contact:
**** Withheld for privacy

Age: 18 & in college

Any allergies you might have: None :)

What kind of Lolita you are: sweet, sailor, & gothic.

General interests: Video games, ballet (some expirience), anime, manga, techno/rave/trance music, j rock (somewhat limited), Japanese culture, & of course lolita fashion.

Anything else?: Don't take me serious at times, I kid around a lot. I'm warning you, I'm short (don't squash me). I am a lolita noob -_-;


LJ Name: lunar_shop
Name: Mariegrace
Nickname: Luna
E-mail or other contact: lunacatgirl at gmail dot com
Age: 21
Any allergies you might have: fresh pineapples (yeah, weird, I know), but if they're cooked them I'm fine, lol
What kind of Lolita you are: Mostly classic loli, but I have some sweet loli dresses
General interests: Baking, watching anime, reading manga, j-pop, j-rock, video games ( <3 RPGs), egl fashion
Anything else? : If you guys want, I know how to go to Cue! (a place that's full of photo sticker booths) and we can take pix :) Plus, can I have the link to the post on la_loligoth? I'm not a member of that community :o


LJ Name: molly_lugosi
Name: Karina
Nickname: K
Email or other contact: k.molly.dolly09@gmail.com, www.myspace.com/red_sweater_renegade
Age: 19
Any allergies you might have: none
What kind of Lolita you are: a classic and gothic lolita
General interests: movies, comics, indie music, rock music, video games, fashion, lolita fashion and some other stuff..
Anything else? : I'm pretty quiet at first but after a while I get more talkative. ^_^


LJ name: Chiidesu
Name: Thalia
Nickname: Call me Thalia D:
E-mail or other contact: chiidesu@gmail.com
Age: 18
Any allergies you might have: None!
What kind of Lolita you are: I'm particularly interested in punkloli and sweetloli
General interests: Cosplaying, !Disney!, geeky stuff(not interested in music or tv, i'm a loser D:), college
Anything else? : I'm a loli noob, but during Spring Break I'll be able to sew/buy something nice! So I'm actually relieved that it's kinda far away xD I'm excited to meet the lolis in my area! It'll be fun!


LJ name: xbiteyourtongue
Name: Chii
Nickname: ... Chii :D
E-mail or other contact: inthe.scene[at]gmail[dot]com
Age: 158 :D;; (Actually, I should be 159 by then.)
Any allergies you might have: SPRINGTIME.
What kind of Lolita you are: Crossed between sweet and gothic. xD
General interests: Dizzzneylaaaand; 7+ hours of TV; horseback riding (even though I had to quit ;;); other stuff I forgot. :D
Anything else? : I don't know if I'm going to do it just because I hate tea. xD But I can always deal and order something else. LIKE COCOA. :>
And don't take me too seriously either. I'm really sarcastic. And, I will admit it, I am/can be racist/prejudiced BUTNOTTOTHEEXTREMETOINCREDIBLEDISCRIMINATIONALFJSKJKSDKL. :D Yes. (._. It just happens to be my humor.)


LJ name: rayna1
Name: Derainna, but call me Rayna instead(easier)
E-mail or other contact: d33sstuff@msn.com
Age: 18, will be 19 by then though~
Any allergies you might have: None, but my bf is allergic to nuts
What kind of Lolita you are: Mean, j/k xD. Love sweet and gothic
General interests: Anime, cute things, sanrio, san-x, cats, animals, cosplay, jrock, lolita :P
Anything else? : I'm a bit shy, so keep talking to me so I open up and talk more >w<


LJ name: sekiria
Name: Nic
Nickname: Nic
E-mail or other contact: nickelpinch*at*yahoo*dot*com
Any allergies you might have: Most organ meats = no thanks!
What kind of Lolita you are: Gothic / Pirate / Nautical loli
General interests: anime, video games, Japanese music, electronica, architecture, environmentalism, politics, film, restaurants, tea, going to the H&M store.
Anything else? : I'm a feminist and willing to admit it


Thanks to lunar_shop for the wonderful banner! ^O~

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