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Under the cherryblossom tree

Yesterday some friends and I went out to look at the cherryblossoms. I thought this was a great opportunity to show of my new dress ;) this is my first ever picture post but there's no need to hold back on the constructive criticism ^_^'

The sun was shining, I needed to cover myself up a bit ^^'

But eating ice-cream demands two hands ^__^

I don't know what happened here.. maybe I died? ^^'

This is a picture of my loli-twin eggnog and me ^__^ unfortunately she doesn't like getting her picture taken.

A branch got stuck in my hair (wig) and I broke it T__T

We followed my boyfriend to a place called NetGame.. he kind of likes ITG and.. I just had to show my bloomers ^^'

This would have been a really pretty picture.. but I just had to keep showing my bloomers for some reason!

Uh.. I sat down ^^'

I look quite gentle ^^'

But I'm acctually quite evil XD

More of a closeup on my face ^^'

My dress.. I really love it!

Last picture!!

Dress: Homemade by eggnog and me.
Ribbon: Homemade by me
Shoes: Ling Lam
Parasol: Metamorphose

Dress: Homemade
Ribbon: Homemade
Also credit to her for taking almost all the pictures (except for the one of us two which was taken by my boyfriend)

Hope you enjoyed my first picture post!
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