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priced to sell sale!

I ONLY use Paypal,(Sheynef[at]gmail[dot]com) and therefore have to add the .04% fee
I will ship internationally, i'm located in Southern CA, and I use the United States Postal services.
i have good feedback on loligoth_dbs

missmeganmaude Sweet Loli corset dress set

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This baby was a beautiful Custom dress i had made.
in 4 parts this dress set is super versatile.
dress set includes

simple off white top
3 ruffle off white skirt (lace on both skirt and top match)
pink patterned corset style overdress
a detachable matching bow.
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Image of the top and skirt w/out overdress
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Wore once. the print is cute little kittens playing musical instruments.

Size. this is very freesize.
the smallest the overdress can be and looks nice is
Bust 40+
Waist 35+
the skirt and top are REALLY freesize. i'd stick to measurements above as smallest and say it can go much much larger. not sold with pettie coat which is being used.
Price full set (will not divide up) $130

Disney Couture- Alice in wonderland shirt

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Brand new with tags, bought but never worn from hot topic last year.
Size XL
laid flat:
bust 17-20 inch (20inch tight)
wais 16-19inchh
Price $25

seeinglife red tartan skirt

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with out flash to see true color
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I bought this new from seeinglife but i gave the wrong waist size and it is too big for me. it's nice material and good cotton lace for detail
Size, waist 43 inches
Price $25


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