Stephanie (phoenixwind) wrote in egl,

Re: petticoats (again)

Egh, okay, I checked memories and used the ljseeker search thing but I'd like to ask my question regarding petticoats anyway, since I can't come to a decision.

I'm buying my first petticoat (yay happiness). I'm more into classic lolita, so I want one that's sleek and will be able to give an elegant shape without being enormously poofy. Just looking at any Mary Magdalene dress can give you an idea of the shape I'm after. I'll probably buy a poofier skirt for other styles later on, but right now...

I was looking at In The Starlight's Princess Petti. It seems to have the shape that I'm after, but I'm just not sure! Anyone got advice? Should I go with a petti by one of the Japanese brands or what? I'd like to keep the price under $60 USD, since I'm in Australia and anymore means its double as expensive in AUD. I just don't want to buy something, get it, find its too poofy/not poofy enough, and then have to spend more on a new one. So basically a quality petti with lovely poof shape but without the smothering poof, if you get what I mean.

Halp? D:

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