shuffle artist (labellereine) wrote in egl,
shuffle artist

Coordination on an outfit

Ladies (and gents)
You have helped out many with their coordination! I would be honored if you would help me with mine:)
I want to wear a pirate lolita outfit for when I see Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End on the day it comes out.

I know this is EGL and not the pirate lolita community, but I value your opinions and knowledge greatly.

To start:
This Jacket is a base. I love the look of the red blouse but I'm open to different looks.


Skirts: <--it maybe too *sweet* looking to be coordinated with the jacket <--- I like it, but I thought it to be too obvious.

Fishnets maybe?
or Solid Black tights or maybe red tights.

Any other suggestions and brands will be greatly appreciated

My waist measurements are 32 inches and I'm 5'4 just a reference.

Thank you!
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