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Coordination = love ! ( I've resized my images XD XD XD )

Hi hi !! ^_^ ((( I'm reposting, sorry for earlier my images where too big and it made my home server EXPLODE lol ! Can you actually see the pics now ?? )))

I don't know if you remember a long time ago I made a post with pictures of possible coordinating with mix of brand and random store clothings? Well today I've decided to do some wardrobe cleaning and had to take off all my clothes from there lol, and realized that it would be fun to make another one of these posts since the previous one months ago seemed to be very appreciated XD ! ^_^ Now I've sold lots of my previous clothes but got tons more LOL XP So I took tons of pics of my collection, 98% from Metamorphose except a lovely Putumayo skirt, Baby headdress and random blouses from boring stores which is always nice for different coordinations ... ^.^ ! So this is what I have from only 1 year in purchasing brand items! ( it became one of my main hobby I must say ^.^; ) And beware, IMAGE HEAVY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

! My bed is possessed by cute clothes !!!! O__________O

Well welcome welcom ! ^.^ As you can see, I'm a major Metamorphose addict, why ? Because well their service is flawless, they ship worldwide, their clothes are adorable and I also think it is one of the most "wearable" brand, not only on the sizing but also in the design, it's hard to look stupid in the street while wearing Metamorphose unless you reaaaaalllyyy suck at coordination or wear those freakin bonnets XD XD XD Now that's just my point of view lol, but what can I say, Meta own my soul !! O___O

So here we go for some cool ideas in coordinating various piece of clothing together!

Let's start with the first one ! :

"Gloomy Victorian doll" ( <--- sorry, had to find a title for it LOL XD )

This set includes the famous black Metamorphose Crown lace Tall size of doom which is a pricy damn thing but OH so worth it ! The 3 layers black Meta skirt, Meta bloomers, Meta knee socks, Meta heart ladder headdress, Meta crown parasol and Meta silver crown tote bag !
This is like my major I WEAR BLACK outfit ! It looks extremely classy and the black are pure black in real, the pictures has been lightened so you can see the details ^.^; It's black from head to toes and you can't be wrong with that! I love it tons and the details on the blouse are just amazing, specially the back which got a bow + shirring ! It does runs quite large though, it's perfect for boobs of doom but a little too large on the shoulders, but who care, it' the PERFECT blouse to own !!

"Casual Crown Princess"

One of my favorite mix I've made so far! Not only it rocks but it is also extremely comfortable!
It includes the Meta silver crown hoodie, the Meta 3 layers skirt, Meta bloomer, Meta crown parasol, Meta silver crown tote, Meta crown scarf and Meta striped black and gray knee socks!
Now these items are all very useful in a loli wardrobe! The scarf itself is something that can totally turn a boring outfit into something stylish and unique ! It was quite a pricy item, something like $70~$80 for a damn scarf ? O.o; But the quality is amazing, it's LONNNNG and warm and heavy, it's PERFECT for autumn, winter and spring so it's a good thing to invest in an item like that that you'll wear mostly everyday ! ^_^ The hoodie rock tons, it's pretty stretchy so my 37" boobs doesn't even stretch the crown on it so everything is in place and looking perfect ! It does run SHORT but just wear a skirt at your waist line and there ya go ! ^_^ The socks are my favorite socks ever from Meta, they are just perfection ! And I personally think that gray is a wonderful color in lolita style, so it's a MUST HAVE ! ^.^

"Velour Queen"

Ahhhhhhhhh the one I feel the most proud of wearing it in public lol ! It includes the amazing Meta Velour jacket, Meta lucky pack skirt, Meta crown knee socks, Meta bloomer, Meta crown parasol and the two detachable bow from the lucky pack skirt that I've turned into hair bow!
Now what can I say about this jacket ??? It's like a DREAM ! That's the priciest item I own ( that was around $200 XD ) but god, everything is SO flattering about it, the back got a mini belt to it and the bottom is cut in 2 so you can wear puffy skirts with it! This is the ONLY thing I've been able to coordinate with that damn lucky pack skirt LOL !! THIS SKIRT IS SO HEAVYYY no petti can hold that thing ! But it look *STUNNING* with the jacket since they are pretty much the same material ( atleast, the same color and shinyess ) and even is the skirt isn't extremely puffy, it just look SO elegant and flattering with the jacket ! I didn't really liked the bow on the skirt so since they're detachable I've pined them on big black elastic so I can wear them in my hair instead to match everything! ^_^ This is the ultimate classy look of doom I swear, in real the blacks are very dark so it's just super beautiful ! ( and did I mentioned FLATTERING ???? This jacket is made to kiss the female body !!! LOL ! it's PERFECT )

"Aristo fun!"

If like me you sometime likes to roleplay a guy out of freakin nowhere, missing your tomboy years from when you were younger? Well this set is perfect for that! It includes the same Meta black Velour Jacket, a random white with jabot blouse found in a store at Montreal, Meta white crown parasol, Meta bloomer, Meta swan tote bag, and white Meta knee socks ! Isn't classy? I actually do wear bloomers as "short" XD XD XD !! Yup ! Why not ? it's opaque and I wear tights under them ! and the Jacket is covering my butt anyway so that's all good lol!

"School Princess"

LOVE LOVE LOVE this one !! It's the super neat Meta frill JSK, random white blouse purchase in a store, Meta school socks, Meta white crown parasol, Meta white bloomers and Meta swan tote bag!
I know this would look better with a peterpan colar blouse but I don't have any white blouse like that yet XD ! But for a more school-ish look, I actually love this kind of simple blouses a lot ! This JSK was CHEAP ( in the sale page !! like 70$ ?!?! ) and extremely flattering and easy to wear ( doesn't makes you look pregnant like those damn empire waist lucky pack JSKs XD ) ! Isn't just plain adorable ? Those socks are adorable btw, they were in the sale page for like 8$ O_o !

"Oreo cookie sweety"

lol couldn't think of a better name for that set ! XD ! This feature a GORGEOUS Putumayo skirt, a no-brand asian blouse purchase on ebay, Meta knee lace socks, Meta swan tote bag, Meta white crown parasol, Meta white bloomers and a hand-made headdress done by a talented friend! ^_^
This set is when you wanna go black and white crazy !!! It does attract attention more than the simple classic all black looks, but if you feel confident and pretty in that, you won't look idiot in it ! ^.^ It's perfect for a tea party or for a little romantic "promenade" with your lover somewhere ! ^.^ This Putumayo skirt is just amazing, it's elastic waist so it's dangerously comfortable ! And the blouse ??? I got it on ebay for something ridiculous like $15 and to my big surprise, it's asian and the quality is as good as any brand item O_o And it doesn't do the evil GAP OF DOOM on the boobs !!! Can you say beautiful ???

"Crazy casual fruity"

Now this one isn't probably gonna suits everyone's tastes, but I think it's a fun way to add more colors without going pop-tart pink or blue from head to toes XD XD XD ( which I personally CAN'T pull off T_T ) I think pink and gray are a winner combo, so I've included in this set a random white blouse with lovely cuff details, a random school "vest" in gray and pink and black, Metamorphose polkadots black and white 3 layers skirt, Meta gray, white and black crown scarf, Meta strawberry pink tote bag, two strawberry japanese hair ties, and a choice of 2 Meta knee socks! Like it ? Like it not ? Personally I think it's very cute and refreshing ! ^__^ I *LOVE* pink but I CAN'T wear it at all T__T So I accessories it with gray, black and white ! ^_^ It's fun to wear and it's very unique ! The tote is HUGE too btw, bigger than the other totes I've seen from meta so it's very useful ! ^____^ This would look cute with the crown hoodie too from the other set ! ^.^


Just another fun mix with different clothes! It's casual fun ! ^.^ Dare doing mix like that, people do that with every styles anyway ya know? Because you're not wearing the complete poodles serie from head to socks doesn't mean you can't have fun with mixing clothes !!! ^.-

Well that was all for the sets today ! ^.^ But since taking pics of clothes is fun, here's the "ending credit" for you LOL !! Imagine all the coordination possibilities with all that ???? :

TOTES !!!!

SOCKS !! ( oh socks are something you'll wear like ALL THE TIME so it's good to have a good hummm socks backup XD XD XD you just HAVE to wash them all the time ya know ?!! XD )

Headdresses + accessories ! ^.^ I'm not a headdress-crazy person but it can also be incredibly cute as long as it's not eating your head or if your head isn't eating them XD XD XD !

My 4 skirts! All made to fit 29" waist, thank god >.>;

Bloomers and their matching parasols !! Cuz of course your parasols needs to match your butt !!! lol XD

3 beautiful "tops", all a "must have" for every classy style! ^.^

Crown addict XD XD XD ! The bag is from Marjour and it's my best friend !! With WINGS !! SOOOO cute and useful !!!!!!! Crown hoodie + Crown scarf are my two other best friends as well ^.^

And that's a little bit random but I've purchase this amazing umbrella in a Castle while visiting France last Christmas, "Le chateau de Fontainebleau" which is an absolutely amazing castle, the umbrella feature a lots of beautiful little Marie-Antoinette in different dresses all around, it was freakin pricy but so beautiful !!!! ^___^

And here's a lame bonus montage of my stupid self XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD Fascinating isnt ??? >.> <.< >.>

That's it ! Hope you enjoyed ! Have fun at mixing loli clothes AND, just a random tips, when you purchase something and you're on a budget or something, make SMART choices! Sometime it worth it to spend more money on a quality item that you know you're gonna wear often and will match tons of your other stuff rather than a giant busy and pricy dress that everyone and their moms will remember that you have it once they saw you in it and ya can't mix it with anything else than just "wearing it" XD XD XD not that it's bad or we even care of what people think >.> but it's just always good to be able to make more than 1 outfit with an item, specially since they're so pricy and sometime difficult to "maintain" XD ! Personally I'm a mom of a fantastic little 6 years old princess and I just couldn't go walk her at school in a pink dress every morning and afternoon XD XD XD ! So, make smart choices that suits your life style !!!

Bye bye ! ^.^
~Delphine <3

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